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City Manager Says 60 Is Enough Firefighters
Posted by news on 4/16/2018 5:42:00 AM.

City Manager Sharon Addison says 60 firefighters is enough for the Watertown Fire Department to safely, efficiently and effectively get the job done.

7 News reports that she says that she, Fire Chief Dale Herman, and Deputy Chief Russell Randall all agreed that 60 firefighters was enough to run the department, which Herman and Randall say is a misrepresentation and they don't recall that number being agreed to. Right now the fire department has 64 firefighters, but 4 are on long-term leave, meaning they're at 60, which fire officials say is leading to mounting overtime costs. Addison says that overtime can be cut if the fire department were to give in on its minimum manning clause, which currently says 15 firefighters must be on duty at all times. This all comes as Council will vote tonight whether or not to apply for the SAFER grant, which
would increase the size of the department. Addison says pursuing that would be counter productive and that the city has been trying to reduce the size of the department, not grow it.

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